• Wash & Iron Service
  • Shirt Ironing Service

Responsive Website

Our new website is responsive, so no matter what device you look at it on, it looks great.

Save Time

Send your items into us, and enjoy your time off. Who wants to do their own ironing anyway?

Repairs & alterations

If you have a ripped or torn garmnet, or one that is just too big, then our seamstress team can fix them all up for you.

Passionate, enthusiastic team

We think our team are brilliant, we are always happy to speak to you, and always try to help if you have a mountain of ironing or laundry to do.

Magically Cleaned

We can make pretty much any stain disappear out of pretty much any garment. As they say "it all comes out in the wash"

Pre treatment advice

we can help you decide on the best way to treat a stained garment, as we have a wealth of experience in the industry.

"The only time i ever enjoyed ironing was the day i got gin in the steam iron."

Phyllis Diller


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